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Pineapple Aroma FTNJ (Water phase)

Article: 150062


Pineapple aroma is obtained by vacuum distillation of the volatile aroma components during the concentration process of pineapple juice from ripe, fresh, sound and clean fruits. The aroma is according to the fruit juice directive 2001/112/EC and AIJN aroma guideline suited for the reconstitution of juices and nectars.

  • Dosage: 2 to 3 kg : 1000 liters


Steel drum with PE bag; 170 kg net weight
Storage temperature frozen -18 °C
Delivery temperature frozen -18 °C


Color/appearance clear without specs
Flavor typical ripe pineapple
Odor typical ripe pineapple


1,000 g/ml

Refractive index