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Fructa CR is part of the german riha Richard Hartinger Beverages Group, which produces non alcoholic beverages since 1934 and today has own operations in 7 countries of the world.

Our tropical fruits processing plant is located in the Caribbean region of Costa Rica. Being next to the main road connecting the capital city of San José to the port of Limón, facilitating the shipping of our products by sea to every place around the world. During the year 2012 more than 58.000 metric tons of products where exported to 14 different countries.



Since 1999 we commercialize purees, concentrated juices, single strength juice (NFC) and aromas (essences) on the international market as ingredients for the food and beverage industry. Our commitment is to guarantee customer’s satisfaction offering high quality standards products at competitive prices, by means of social and environmental responsible productive processes. Since our start up development has been continuously, allowing us to offer more than 486 direct jobs.

Mr Hartinger, the owner of the riha Richard Hartinger beverages group, engages himself in assuring the business of Fructa Costa Rica S.A. in a sustainable way.